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tags.farm is brought to you by Earlsmere Limited, a South Yorkshire based company specialising in identification. We always aim to provide the highest quality of service, pursuing the satisfaction of our clients across all industry sectors, tackling each task with safe, reliable and innovation solutions. All of our required tags are defra, PAS44 and PAS66 approved.

With an extensive history in the labeling and barcoding business, Earlsmere have diversified their identification solutions to include physical and electronic tagging, including animal identification. Our range of animal tags include tags suitable for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

In addition to our dedication to providing the highest quality products, we value the importance of customer care. We always aim to talk to our customers directly to ensure their personal needs are always met. We also understand the pressures and busy schedules farmers face on a daily basis. Reordering replacement tags should never be hassle which is why we stick to a straight forward, order payment, delivery schedule

We print on the day the order is received and ship items daily. Do you live locally? You can also schedule to collect your tags the very same day.


New Sets

Cattle PrimaryCattle Primary

Large Panel Primary Male/Female Set

A purpose designed large panel tag for safe identification of cattle. This cattle tag is flexible, laser printed for a permanent and clear display, tamper proof and comfortable for the animal.

Price: £1.50 (Excl. VAT) (Both Ears)

Cattle Primary Secondary

Primary Flag Secondary Button Set


A panel flag primary tag with a secondary button. This cattle tag set is flexible, laser printed for a permanent and clear display, tamper proof and comfortable for the animal

Price: £1.19 (Excl. VAT) (Both Ears)

Cattle Primary Secondary

Primary Flag with Electronic Secondary Button


Primary Panel with Electronic Secondary Button. The button tag is suitable for as a secondary tag for cattle.

Price: £1.89 (Excl. VAT)

Cattle Primarymetal y secondary_800_800_130627042046

Primary Flag with Metal Secondary

A primary panel tag with metal secondary. The metal tag acts as a more durable alternative for a secondary tag.


Price: £1.19 (Excl. VAT)

Cattle Management

Management Tag Male/Female Set


A purpose printed tag for cattle management purposes.

Price: 68p (Excl. VAT)

Replacement Sets

Cattle PrimaryCattle Primary

Replacement cattle tags are available in both sets and singles. Prices for both can be found below.

  • Set – £3.00
  • Single – £2.00

Replacement tags can be ordered from us directly by calling 01226 750111.

Please be ready to supply us with your CPH and Herd numbers as well as all relevant information required so we can get your tags ready for you as soon as possible.

Cattle Primary Secondary


Sheep Tags

I Rototag Set

The I Rototag combines the standard method of animal identification with electronic identification. It can be applied like a regular Rototag with a standard applicator and will be printed in the official UK format.

Price £0.89 (Excl. VAT)

Sheep Button Visual/Electronic Set

The button tag is suitable for sheep or goat. Available in both laser printed and electronic forms with the option of an open or closed cap

Prices: £1.59 (Excl. VAT)

Small Flag with Electronic Button

Ideal for breeding ewes.

Price: £1.59 (Excl. VAT)


Pig Tags

Semi Curved

Semi-Curved Pig Tag


This flexible, semi curved tag is made of to the highest quality and is designed especially for the safe identification of sows.

  • Female part with open cap
  • Male part with plastic tip
  • Dimensions: 40 x 49mm, 3.2g (female), 3.1g (male)

Price 54p (Excl. VAT)


Pig Button Visual Male/Female Set


The button tag is suitable for pigs both breeding sows and new born.

Prices: 44p (Excl. VAT)

Curved and Button

Semi-curved Panel with Female Button


The button with semi curved panel is suitable for pigs both breeding sows and new born.

Price: 54p (Excl. VAT)